So you want to go to boot camp?

You've probably watched full metal jacket ten times now before finding your way to this blog. You probably talked to your uncle rick who was a jarhead back in the mid 90's and feel like you have a good understanding of what to expect going to the depot. I'm here to tell you that YOU'RE WRONG. Despite all the movies, all the YouTube videos, and all the stories you hear, you'll never understand the $h!t storm coming your way. But there's a good side to all of this. 38,000 warriors walk across that parade deck as Marines every year so there is hope you can be one of them. 

While your uncle rick may have some incite into recruit training because while the times change, the Corps and its traditions stay relatively the same (continues below)

(Please note the Corps increased leniency as of late due to hazing allegations called by weak souls that are currently plaguing the depot) 

Majority of the good times and stories shared by past members of the private gun club stay hush hush to eager wanna be members due to the nature of training and the "figure it out for yourself" attitude. So if you came here looking for the secrets, you wont find them. What we will give you here are some tips and tricks to make your life a little more bearable while on your summer camp trip at either MCRD Paris Island or MCRD San Diego. 

Pre Bootcamp Prep

Your recruitersweren't lying to you when they said your pull ups or crunches weren't where they need to be.

Don't take it too hard, no one ever is. Even if you have a perfect 300 PFT, drill instructors wont push you to a perfect score and then stop. They will push you till you drop, then make you get back up and push you till you drop again. So you can never be fit enough. Practice push ups, pull ups, crunches, running, bear crawls, burpees, mountain climbers...... just practice everything all the time. 

Don't be that guy to shave his head before getting to boot camp.

Yes, they will take your hair from you at the island, because you are not special and you are not unique, you are just like everyone else. Part of the transition from civilian to recruit and possible United States Marine is shedding your past self off, and you have taken that from them and interfered with the process. Don't do it. Just take the cut like a man. 

Don't give your address out to people you don't really know (or post it on facebook)

If your dumb ass friends decided to screw with you by sending you some immature inappropriate shit, you'll be the one to answer for it, and answer for it you will. Just make your life easy and keep it to strictly family and immediate friends.

(PSA: I do not recommend going to the depot on an open contract, but that just personal opinion from watching guys get the short end of the stick on the job they get after) 

Once at the Depot

Congrats, you're at the depot and you hate your life. Here are some tips to help get your through to the other side shining like the shiny little turd you are. 

Don't feel sorry for yourself.

I told you, 38,000 people go through it every year, you're just one in 38,000 this year alone. Your not the first, and you're not the last and I do not want you claiming the title Marine unless you have endured everything I and the Marine before you have endured on the depot. Every platoon has $h!t bird recruits that make it harder than it needs to be, but its boot camp. It's suppose to be hard. If it wasn't for them then the drill instructors would just find something else to make your life hell with. 

Take initiative, don't show initiative. 

 You will have those guys that hype themselves up when they get there and talk about how they're natural born leaders and they will volunteer for squad leader and act up for the challenge. They're not. The drill instructors will pull leadership out of the best. It's usually the guys who do things without being told to do them. The one who help out others even though its not their responsibility because it makes the team better and more effective. I graduated honor grad of my platoon which also got honor platoon, not because I was the best at everything, but because I was eager to learn, quick to help others, and never took credit for the teams success but gave it back to the team for their collective hard work. The Marine Corps is bigger than you, it's a team and individuals who do their parts in helping the team win, will succeed in the Corps. You don't do things for the recognition, you do it for success of the team. Give everything but expect nothing. 

Post Depot

Congrats youre a Marine!

No one cares. Your time as a Marine will be defined by what you do for the corps during your time in the gun club. Some of you will get giant EGA tattoos, and marry your 2 month girlfriend in your dress blues. You will post motivating stuff on your social media accounts all while piggy backing off the achievements of the Marines before you. Don't do it. Be the silent professional. It is so much cooler and it will make you a better marine. Do not mix your personal life with your professional one. Remember when you hit the fleet, everyone around you has done everything you have already done and then some. You're not special. Build your legacy, don't mooch off Marines past legacy. 


Good luck. We're pulling for you to succeed! But it will be earned as all the Marines have done before you. We wouldn't have it any other way, because then it wouldn't be the Corps. 

Semper Fidelis